Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel for Full Power

If your home was built before 1985, you most likely need to update your electrical panel. These older panels usually use 100-amp service, which cannot satisfy today’s electric power demands. To fully power all of your modern electrical equipment and appliances, you should upgrade to a panel with 200-amp service or more. Here are some important signs that reveal your home’s need for a new electrical panel.

Blown Fuses or Tripping Circuit Breakers

If your home frequently experiences flickering lights, faltering appliance power, or power surges, the electrical panel is most likely overloaded. These are definite signs that your current panel is outdated and needs replacing. Older electric panels are often challenged with even everyday electrical usage. They are inadequate to handle any added power demands or stress caused by surges and power interruptions during storms.

Rising Energy Costs

If your energy bills are showing higher costs each month, pay attention to this increase. It may indicate a problem with the electrical system powering your home. Your electrical panel may be damaged or simply outdated for providing full service. Contact your local licensed electricians to schedule a panel inspection.

Newer Appliances and an Outdated Electrical System

The latest designs in appliances and electronic devices often require greater power than earlier models. If you replace your outdated devices but not your home’s electrical system, the system may not adequately power these newer electronics. By updating your home’s electrical panel, you can often resolve these annoying electrical supply issues.

Burning Odor From Your Electrical Panel

Check your home’s electrical panel to determine if it emits a burning odor. If it does, the panel may be overheating due to a heavy a demand on its electrical output. It may also be overheating simply because it is outdated or damaged. Whatever the reason for this burning smell, you should replace this panel immediately to ensure the safety of your household.

Unusual Noises or Sparks From the Panel

If you hear a strange buzzing or popping sound when examining your electric panel, have it checked by an electrician right away. The panel may be damaged or simply wearing out. If you see sparks when you open the panel, have it inspected immediately.

An electrical panel update or replacement is typically fast, simple, and worth having done. By taking this precaution, you can safeguard your home and your family.

Our expert licensed electricians at Sun State Power LLC in Ocala, Fl take great pride in providing top-rated services for electrical panels. If you are a resident of this area and need an electrical panel upgrade for your home, contact our experienced professionals for excellent advice and assistance.