A Quality Generator Installation Can Offer Seamless Power to Your Home

No matter where you live, you need electricity to keep your household going. One severe storm can lead to a loss of security and comfort. You may also lose the contents of your refrigerator and freezer during a power outage. Going without a furnace or air conditioner for an extended period of time can actually leave your family in physical danger. If you rely on refrigerated medication or electrically powered health devices, the situation is even more critical and urgent.

Hire a Skilled Professional

Hooking up a generator can be quite touchy. A properly sized generator can protect your entire living space and maintain all the power you need to protect your refrigerator and freezer contents, your HVAC system, your lights, and your electronics. However, there are risks to hooking up such a powerful tool. For the installation of your generator to go without a hitch, it will require the skills of a professional.

A poorly installed generator can lead to more than tripped breakers. Improperly routed electricity can increase your risk of a fire. You will also need to determine the best fuel with which to power your generator. Fuel access or storage should also to be handled by a professional.

Maintain Your Generator Regularly

When the weather goes south or other conditions cause a loss of power, you will need to be certain that your generator fires up and sends power to your home immediately. Regular maintenance of your generator, from filter checks to oil changes to fuel supply confirmation, will need to be incorporated into your seasonal activities.

The electrician who helps you choose the properly sized generator for your property can help you set up a regular maintenance schedule to be certain that your generator will fire up as soon as it’s needed. To save worry, consider booking your regular professional maintenance right before storm season.

Choose Between a Standby Generator and a Portable Unit

As a general rule, a standby generator will produce enough power to keep most of your appliances running effectively. You can choose to invest in a stationary unit that will live on a concrete pad on your property and power everything you need. Most stationary units run on natural gas or require a permanently installed fuel tank.

Portable generators are generally less costly. You’ll also have more flexibility with regard to your fuel choice. Many who opt for a portable generator choose a vehicle fuel, such as gasoline or diesel. In addition to getting your generator serviced regularly, you’ll need to make sure that the fuel for it hasn’t been allowed to sit too long.

If your Ocala, FL home needs a generator installed or serviced, call us at Sun State Power LLC today. Our skilled professionals can help you choose the right unit and protect your family against future power outages.

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