Brighten Your Home Without Paying High Electric Bills

A cheerful, bright home doesn’t have to be brightly lit all the time. You can brighten dim corners with low-wattage bulbs. You can also use motion-sensor lights to make dim hallways easier to navigate. Installing the right fixture in the best location is also critical to safe, comfortable lighting.

Add Task Lighting

Improving the working spaces in your home can easily be done with the right task lighting. Simple pendant lights over a countertop can turn a kitchen island into a highly useful chopping space.

LED bulbs in your pendant lights will do more than give the area a gentle glow. These bulbs do not become excessively hot. If you’re already working over a hot stove, you need a cool prep space!

Task lighting can also be put to good use for fun. Perhaps you have a game room that has a big screen and all the bells and whistles for electronic games. Why not add a card table with a dedicated pendant light for more enjoyment?

Consider Motion-Sensor Lights

If you’ve ever tried to cross a dark room only to bang your shins or toes on a piece of furniture, you know how helpful it can be to have just a bit of light available when you need to function safely in the dimness. Quality motion-sensor lighting, such as along the baseboard or under the bed, can protect your toes in the middle of the night.

It’s also a good idea to consider motion-sensor lighting outside your home. Stray cats that tear up your flower beds can be frustrating, but the dark may be hiding something more sinister. If a bright light flashes in your backyard every time an intruder of any size wanders through, your living space will be more secure.

Motion-sensor lights can also be helpful if you have little ones. That scary hallway won’t be so scary for children and grandchildren when they need to make a bathroom trip if you have a motion-sensor light to guide them to the bathroom.

Improve Your Exterior Lighting

An excessively bright exterior light can leave harsh shadows on your porch. It can also be costly. A new fixture, ideally suited to use a low-use bulb that will cast a soft glow, is an ideal choice.

You might also consider adding an exterior light on a timer. This will reduce the wear on your exterior bulbs and keep your home safer should you need to be away. Interior timers can also be put to work to improve your security.

If you’re ready to improve the quality of the task lighting in your Ocala, FL home, the professionals at Sun State Power LLC can help you choose the best fixtures and placement, so give us a call today.