Four Signs That You Need to Call an Electrician Immediately

Electrical problems can quickly escalate to electrical emergencies if not handled properly. At Sun State Power, we offer 24-hour emergency repairs to get your problems fixed at any time of day or night. Since not all electrical issues are emergencies, read on to see what’s qualified as a sign you need to call an experienced electrician.

1.Outlet looks or smells charred

If an electrical outlet has smoke rising from it, looks charred or smells burnt there could be an internal problem. If there is either an old electrical outlet that has short-circuited or a loose wire in the outlet that could cause a spark, call an electrician because it could start a fire.

2.Electrical Shock

Electric shocks can be very dangerous and can also lead to electrical fires. There’s probably a short circuit on your electrical system if someone in the home has received an electric shock from plugging in a device or turning a switch. Call for assistance immediately if you experience an electric shock.

3.Flickering Lights

Lights flickering, especially when you switch on an appliance, may indicate an overloaded electrical circuit. Overloading happens when certain appliances draw too much current and a single electrical outlet doesn’t have enough power. Emergency repair services can inspect the electrical system and remedy the issue or make repairs.

4.Buzzing Sound

If you hear a buzzing sound coming from a light switch or electrical outlet, contact an electrician. This could mean that there is a  loose connection or that the electrical wiring has already burnt or corroded.

If you notice any of these electrical issues at your home or workplace, call Sun State Power at (352) 561-3621, people you can trust to get the problem fixed quickly and safely.