Protect Your Home Electronics With Surge Suppression Solutions

Power surges can happen in any home. That means you need to prevent them from hurting your devices. Whether your electronics are expensive or not, it costs money to replace them. You can prevent that from happening with surge suppression solutions in your home. Unplugging things during a storm is great, but you can’t always be home when storms happen. You also can’t anticipate other surges, so always be ready.

1. Distribute Your Electronics

Don’t put too many electronics too close together. No one power outlet should have too many devices plugged in together. This is particularly true of power-hungry pieces of technology. Excessive demand on one circuit can overburden the line and damage the devices that are plugged in.

2. Buy Energy-Efficient Technology

Newer appliances are usually more energy efficient and use less power than older predecessors. The primary benefits include being more environmentally friendly and possibly lowering your utility bills. They can also be more resistant to potential power surges. Specific examples include washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

3. Use Surge Protectors

If you have an electronic appliance or device worth more than a surge protector, then it makes financial sense to buy a protector and plug your electronics into it. There are limits to their protection, but they can stop low-voltage surges that happen very frequently. Protect your most crucial appliances with high joule ratings of 2000 or more, and look for appliance-grade protectors for computers, home theater systems, laundry machines, and kitchen appliances.

4. Inspect Your Home’s Wiring

Arrange for an electrical audit of your home’s wiring. The older your home is, the more likely you might have problems. Potential house fires are a big risk and reason for these audits, but they can also identify problems that aren’t prepared for the energy demand today’s technology carries with it. Your electrician can inspect for wires not rated highly enough, brittle insulation, and older cloth-wrapped wires. Rodents might sharpen their teeth on any available wiring or even build nests in junction boxes, and these complications can result in electrical surges in your home.

5. Get Whole-Home Surge Protection

Individual surge protectors can protect specific electronics or single outlets, but whole-home surge protection can protect your entire house. When installed on your home’s electrical box, it works like a barrier between the power grid and all your home’s electrical appliances and components. These are usually heavy-duty surge protection systems that can drive electric surges, including lightning bursts, into the ground so they dissipate without hurting anything.

Implementing the right surge suppression in your home can possibly save your residential electronics and prevent electrical fires. If you want help with surge protection in Ocala, FL, then let the professionals of Sun State Power LLC give you a hand.

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