Smart EV Charging Home Safety

Electric vehicles (EVs) help the environment and can save you money on gasoline. Recently, there has been a surge in popularity as record numbers of people are switching to EVs. With this increase in EV purchases, the need for smart EV charging systems at home is also increasing. While there are many benefits of charging your EV at home, safety also needs to be a priority.

Why Safety Comes First

With any new technology in the home, safety is a concern. This concern is especially true with a smart EV charger. These chargers work with high voltages. The voltages can be dangerous, so a specialized electrician needs to handle the installation. If installed incorrectly or you don’t follow proper charging practices, you risk personal injury, vehicle battery damage, or electrical fire. However, these risks are mitigated when you use a quality smart EV charging solution that is reliable and installed by a skilled electrician.

Smart EV Charging Safety Features

To protect you, your family, and your home, smart EV chargers have various safety features. Let’s consider a few.

Fire Protection

Fire-resistant materials are used in the design of smart EV charging systems. The materials and design of the system are made to prevent any kind of overheating of the charging system and to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

Ground Fault Protection

Abnormal ground wire electrical flows can be dangerous. This danger is why Smart EV charging systems have detectors that will shut the power of the system down if one is present.

Remote Monitoring

Being able to remotely monitor your smart EV charging system is great for seeing the charging status of your vehicle. However, it can also alert you if any hazardous issues are found so you can promptly remedy the problem.

Overcurrent Protection

Similar to the ground fault detectors, the overcurrent protection of a smart EV charger shuts the power off if a problem is detected. This specific protection kicks in if the electric flow is too high. It prevents an electrical fire from occurring and will also help protect your home’s electrical system from any damage that can be caused by a power surge.

Other Smart EV Charging Benefits

Beyond safety features, there are many other benefits of having a smart EV charger in your home.

Overnight Charging

The ability to charge your car overnight while you sleep without worrying about any safety issues means you can rest peacefully. It also means you don’t have to worry about stopping at a charging station on your way to work in the morning.

Renewable Energy Compatibility

Smart EV charging systems aren’t limited to the city’s power grid. A smart EV charger can also be connected to a renewable energy source at your home, your solar panel system, for instance. This ensures you are using renewable energy while saving money on your electric bill.

Smart Home Integration

A smart EV charging system can integrate into the existing smart home. You’ll be able to control your charging system from your smart home system for easier management.

EVs are here to stay, but it’s important to have an EV smart charging system with excellent safety features installed in your home by a professional. If you live in Ocala, FL and need EV charger installation in your residence, contact us at Sun State Power LLC.

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