What Light Bulbs Are Best For Your Home?

Light bulbs are a crucial yet commonly overlooked tool in our homes. While many kinds of light bulbs line the aisles of home improvement stores, it is no shock that not all light bulbs are created equal. Choosing the right light bulbs for your home is important in determining light output and energy efficiency. At Sun […]

What To Unplug Before Going on Vacation

Going on vacation can be relaxing, fun and well-deserved. But what is not all of those things? Paying for the electricity in your home that you’re not using.  At Sun State Power, our experts are here to help you decipher the dos and don’ts of what to unplug and turn off to save your energy bill […]

Four Signs That You Need to Call an Electrician Immediately

Electrical problems can quickly escalate to electrical emergencies if not handled properly. At Sun State Power, we offer 24-hour emergency repairs to get your problems fixed at any time of day or night. Since not all electrical issues are emergencies, read on to see what’s qualified as a sign you need to call an experienced electrician. 1.Outlet […]

Six Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are dangerous but preventable. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in 2020 there were 24,200 residential electrical fires resulting in deaths, injuries and over $1.2 billion in damages.  At Sun State Power, we’ve had decades of installing safe fixtures and fixing old systems to optimize them for safety. Here are our top tips to avoid an […]